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Using Styrofoam in Many Ways

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Using styrofoam is the most convenient when it comes to coffee and food packaging but are you aware of the things that this can give to our nature when they are no disposed properly? You must be aware that this takes a very long time before decomposing. If these are continuously thrown anywhere, then what will happen to our world?

We must consider the consequences when we are not responsible enough to dispose Styrofoam properly. For this matter we must think of something that we can do with these to avoid throwing them.

If you are just creative enough, you can use them as a support to your furniture or appliances or you can use them as a model of a house or to other things like projects to your school or office.

If there are lots of styrofoam in your house and you have no idea on how to use them properly and useful as well, you can research for some things to do with them. Instead of just looking them as a waste inside your house, find something you can do with it by recycling and reducing waste.

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