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What is Rakeback in Poker?

Before we know what actually rakeback is, let us know how the poker websites make their money and revenue in internet poker. Each time you play online poker, whether it tournament or a cash game, the online poker website would take some percentage of buy-in fee. If you are playing a cash poker game, then the poker website will take 5 percent from the value of every pot. This is more generally called as the rake, and many poker players do not even know it happening. The fact is the money that poker websites take from the rake builds up to a staggering amount in the long run. Most of the biggest online poker websites make about 500 million dollars in profit from the game tables (not income, profit!).
Now rakeback pokeris a relative modern phenomenon in the internet poker which actually started a few years ago, and now it has turned into a huge promotion scheme for affiliates referring and recruiting players to online poker websites. When you sign up in a poker rakeback website, you get a considerable percentage of the rake you make a poker website back – therefore the term rakeback.

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