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September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

burn_outThis in one of the most popular bike stunts around. A burnout means burning ones tire out! The bike is stationary with the rear wheel alone spinning. This burns lots of rubber and its nice fun. Here I give a perfect method for performing a perfect burnout :

  • Grip the front brake firmly (works well with disc brakes).
  • Put the bike in gear and stand up.
  • Shift your weight to the front of the bike and turn the accelerator.
  • The wheel will automatically start spinning since there is no weight on the back.
  • Doing it for a long time or in very rough surfaces will destroy your tire.
  • And always remember to wear your helmet when on a bike.
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Hayabusa GSX 1300R

September 17, 2009 5 comments

2009-Suzuki-HayabusaGSX1300ReThere is no competition to the Hayabusa than itself. Hayabusa GSX 1300R (2008 model) is considered as one of the best sport motorcycle of Suzuki. The bike’s engine capacity is considerably increased to 1349cc with engine power raised to 12% from older bike with power being 197 hp and this feature gives you the greater acceleration for speed, making this as one of the fastest bikes in the world which can travel at a speed of about 188 mph.

This superbike can cover ¼ mile in 9.3 seconds at a speed of 150 mph. The bike has been provided with Drive Mode Selector which changes the setting of engine according to the needs and conditions. The Hayabusa has one of the good braking facilities with front brakes having 6 piston and rear brakes having two piston calipers with disc and fully adjustable rear shock absorber attached to it. In order to avoid pumping, loss cylinders has been provided with ventilation holes. Cooling performance is generally increased due to high efficient curved radiators and dual fans.

Apart from these features,  engine has been provided with four strokes, 16 valves, liquid cooled capacity. The fuel capacity is around 21 litres with wheel base around 1485 mm. The cost of this superbike is around 26,000 USD.

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FZ16 – An Amazing Set of Wheels

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment

The FZ16 is the latest offering by Yamaha for the racing community. It is an amazing bike and it performs really well too. Yamaha’s previous model in the Indian market was the R15. The R15 carried the ‘sports bike’ tag. It was pretty expensive too and so it did not fare well in the Indian market.fz15ejr1

With the FZ16, Yamaha can be very sure of its success in almost every country. The bike is a ‘Street Bike’. It looks very naked with a lot of curves. It is very muscular and it looks like an athlete ready to race. It has a huge rear tyre, a massive fuel tank and also huge front forks. These are the characteristics of the FZ global range of Yamaha on which this bike is based. It is powered by a 153 cc engine. The maximum power produced is 14 bhp at 7500 rpm.

My test drive of the bike was on the ‘Midnight Black’ colored FZ16. The pickup was really good and the bike was very stable at high speeds. Yamaha claims a top speed of 132 kph for the FZ16. It is an amazing bike to ride and own.

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Overhaulin is a very popular TV program which will be familiar to every automobile enthusiast. The word means to make repairs or bring back to working condition. Their work deserves this name for sure. So the show has these people who take some old car and transform it into a real beauty. Many would know about Chip Foose. He is a designer and the brain behind the Overhaulin show. He designs the cars on the show. His works are simply amazing.over

It starts by someone from the Overhaulin team getting the car to be overhauled. The owner is not aware of it in most of the shows, but someone who is known to the person acts as an insider and helps Chip get the car. The car is usually a very old one and of course in a very bad condition. First they examine the car and a team rips it apart. Meanwhile Chip asks the insider how the overhauled car should be and he prepares a sketch. His sketches are simply amazing. The car is sent for a paint job and then everything in the car is changed, from the interiors to the engine. He also installs some really cool audio systems into the car and the final overhauled car is simply awesome! Do check out this programme on TV because any auto enthusiast would really love it.


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