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brakesBrakes are an important component in any car. A car which has been started and which is moving has to be stopped. Brakes serve this purpose. Brakes in automobiles are generally of two types: Drum brakes and Disc brakes.

Drum brakes were more common in old cars. They employ old techniques and they are not very effective. Disc brakes were introduced much later. They are very reliable and very effective. Old cars had drum brakes on all four wheels. Most of today’s cars have drum brakes on the rear and disc brakes on the front. But the cars released now have discs on all four wheels. Be it disc brakes or drum brakes, the basic working is common for all.

When we step on the brake pedal, the wheels stop eventually stopping the car. Physics plays an important role here. Friction lays its hands on all parts of the game. The brake pedal and the brake shoes are fixed to cylinders. There is an incompressible fluid enclosed in it. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake shoe also moves correspondingly and the car stops. The cylinders are made in such a way that the force given on the pedal is multiplied and got in the brake shoe. This helps to easily stop the car.

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Mercedes-Benz, tops in the list of luxury cars in the world. These cars are more powerful then the Mercedes models. The policy of AMG is ‘one man, one engine’. The AMG engines are not built by machines or robots. Each engine is built by a single human being. Then the name of the person is engraved on the engine. AMG is very well known for its high performance engines. They also make body parts like light weight wheels and huge brake pads. 23_Mercedes_Benz_SL65_AMG_Black_Series

The company was founded in 1967 by Aufrecht(A) and Melcher(M) from Grossaspach(G). These guys who had previously worked for Mercedes opened their own garage and started modifying Mercedes cars. They could make a Mercedes engine perform its maximum by squeezing every bit if power possible from the engine. They continued modifying and then they entered into the racing scene. They were victorious as predicted. In 1991 they signed a collaboration with Mercedes and finally it became a part of the company in 1999. Mercedes had been dominating the luxury car market for a very long time. Now with the entry of several brands like Audi and BMW, Mercedes wants to keep the flag. However the AMG models are pretty expensive and so only performance enthusiasts are expected to go for them.

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VW Tiguan

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The Volkswagen Tiguan, chosen as Consumers top rated vehicle of 2009, is a compact SUV and designed with the aim of equipping it with safety from top to bottom. Considering the fuel efficiency, it is a good fit for those who think they need a SUV. It has a perfect steering system and cruise control and also its leather seating adding to its stylish interior.vw

The interior is very much attractive with all its controls and gauges well placed. It has a six-speed, all-wheel-drive automatic gearbox and disc brakes both in the front and rear. The VW Tiguan comes in three levels: S,SE and SEL. Going for the design it has a unique front-end design and is made for use in any road conditions. This car is the first in the VW list to be fitted with must needed and efficient diesel engine and smaller capacity motors which reduces its carbon dioxide emission. The suspension is as usual that is present in a typical SUV which consists of lower wishbones in the front and four-link independent suspension in the real for grip.

As usual for a VW, the Tiguan also comes with care-free maintenance which is the top priority for many of them. It has a perfect style and if you think you need a perfect SUV with all sorts and sizes of cargo and more importantly if you go with the safety and efficiency factors, then your ride has arrived.

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