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July 22, 2009 3 comments

We would certainly have seen this but many of us don’t know that its actual name is sidecar. A sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to a motorcycle. Hope you got the image in your mind. A sidecar may look somewhat inconvenient to the other road users but it’s the most convenient ride especially when you are with your family.  I just don’t insist you to buy one, but when you get a chance to get into it, never refuse as it would certainly prove to be a new experience.sidecar

The sidecar attached to a motorcycle is also called a hack or a rig. The sidecar consists of a frame, which is attached to the motorcycle and a body. The body has a front passenger seat and a back compartment which is sometimes used to carry goods. The sidecars are also used for racing purposes where there is a rider and a passenger who work together for the proper control of the vehicle. Although they have become uncommon today, there are still many companies who continue to produce sidecars for many motorcycles. It could be easily removed from the motorcycle which makes it easier to leave your girl friend while on ride. In reality riding a sidecar is an adventure and if you haven’t had a ride in it so far, then you’re in for a major surprise when driving the sidecar especially as a passenger.

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Transmission Systems

July 12, 2009 Leave a comment

automatic-transmissionThis post will make you people familiar with the working of the transmission system in automobiles. The transmission in cars is usually available as manual and automatic. We’ll first see about the manual transmission systems. Transmission systems are very much necessary for any automobile. It basically consists of a set of gears and shafts. A shaft comes from the car’s engine and this has a gear on one end.

There are mainly three sets of gears. One is connected to the engine and the other to the wheels of the car. The third set of gears is the main part of the transmission. The number of gears correspond to the transmission. A five speed transmission will have five gears on the transmission shaft. There is a collar placed over the drive shaft. The clutch is used to loosen the collar and fix it to the corresponding gear. Old cars used to have something called the double clutch to fix the collar to the gear. But our present-day cars have a synchro which moves the collar according to the speed of the gear before fixing the dog teeth. Then we have a separate gear for reversing which rotates the shaft in the opposite direction. The grinding noise which we get when shifting gears sometimes is the solar which not fixed properly to the gear.

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Hello everyone, Welcome to my Blog. This blog is all about automobiles which includes cars, bikes and anything that runs on wheels. I have great interest in the field of automobiles right from my childhood. I’m fascinated by all kinds of stuff related to the automobile field. Although I am not an automobile Engineer or something related to that, I will be sure that the informations I provide in the posts will be true. I will be updating the blog frequently and will make sure that my readers will enjoy being in this blog. With this I conclude my introduction and happy reading.

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